Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog On

I helped out as a rep during this past week's press event, and my assignment was helping corral the 'Social Media Moms Celebration' conference that coincided with the press event. At first I thought these were just moms who blogged about Disney and life as a mom, but it turns out most of them are all making money off their blogs. The 150-ish moms listened to a bunch of different speakers (the CEO of Build-A-Bear, Kathy Ireland) and networked with each other, learning the best ways to use social media to their advantage. I listened to a man (Guy Kawasaki, who they all knew and were excited to see) speak for an hour about Twitter and how to use it to sell yourself. I never knew that much thought went into tweeting! Of course, I thought mulitple times that all of my favorite mom bloggers should be doing the same thing. You're all so entertaining and crafty, so what are you waiting for?!?
I hope you all keep popping out kids because at this rate, your kids will be in college by the time I have children and they won't want anything to do with mine! I guess if all else fails I'll have babysitters ready to go. : )
In non-kid/mom related news, I need a new vacation to plan. I mean, Keri has like 17 planned for the year, I feel way behind! I'm probably going to Vegas in September, but I need something in between. Although I will most likely be moving in June since Lauren is moving to Jacksonville, so I should probably cool it on vacation planning since I'll have moving expenses to deal with. Ugh. I hate moving so much!
Alright, gotta go focus on the TV..Hoarders is about to start. That show is totally addictive and makes me want to clean out my closet immediately!


Angelle said...

You can plan to come to Melbourne in June and hang with us!

I read lots of blogs who are paid for various things. Seems like a fun way to make some cash. Dunno that anyone outside of our group would be interested in what I have to say though. :)

Christina said...

I actually would think that as a non-mom you could come up with a pretty witty blog about all of the crazy things that all of us "breeders", as my sister calls us, do. :-)